Digital Revolution


16th January 2018 - 20th May 2018



Digital Revolution is an immersive and multi-dimensional exhibition that explores the digital transformation of art, design, film, music, and video games.

This unprecedented international touring exhibition began at the Barbican Centre in London and has since travelled to venues including London, Stockholm, and Istanbul, and is now making its Asia debut in Beijing China, at prestigious lifestyle destination - WF CENTRAL.

The exhibition opens to the public on 16th January 2018, comprises stunning immersive and interactive art works alongside exhibition-based display across seven specially-themed installation zones set within WF CENTRAL.

Seven specially-themed installation zones

Digital Archaeology rediscovers the key moments of digital creativity that are in danger of becoming lost for ever owing to the rapid developments in hardware and software since the 70s.

We Create examines the increasing shift of web audiences from content consumer to creative content producer and participant, using readily available digital tools which are often free to use.

Creative Spaces demonstrates how conventional notions of time, space and narrative can be re-imagined using digital tools.

Sound & Vision examines the digital musical revolution and introduction of digital technologies has come to influence not only the sounds we hear but the style in which we see them, changing the look and feel of music for ever.

Our Digital Futures presents a selection of some of today’s most experimental and future-focused artists working with communication technologies, virtual and augmented realities, and high-performance textiles. The projects span the worlds of cyborg and wearable technologies, drones, artificial intelligence, warfare and big data.

DevArt challenges what code can be, and what art can be. When developers use code to push the possibilities of creativity and technology, the result is a new type of art. It’s called DevArt and it’s made by a new type of artist.

Indie Games Space looks at videogames that have been created with generally little or no direct support from a videogame publisher. Often consisting of no more than a coder, sound and graphics artist, independent games now span many genres.


Date and Time:

16th  January 2018 - 20th  May 2018

10am-10pm daily (closed on Monday and 15th - 17th February for CNY Holiday) with last admission 60 minutes before close.



Weekday ticket: RMB 100 (Tuesday to Sunday only)

Weekend ticket: RMB 150 (Tuesday to Sunday, public holiday)

Available from 16th  January 2018 until  20th  May 2018


Children (Under 1.2m):



Tickets are available now online from “Maoyan Entertainment” and “DaMai” until 15th January 2018.

From 28th November onwards, tickets can be purchased on the official WF CENTRAL WeChat site (WeChat ID: WFCENTRAL) and at the WF CENTRAL ticket office on the 1st Floor.