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C.P.U. (Cool Planet Unity) targets those trendy catchers with ages between 18 and 40. This group of customers are mainly student, artist, designer, office lady and businessman, who love fashion, love life, have individual style. C.P.U. aims to bring trendy footwear and high-end fashion to its target group who desire a better quality of life for the enjoyment and health inclusive.

C.P.U. is the distributor of many international brands like RED WING from USA, Birkenstock from Germany, Dr.Martens from England, El Naturalista from Spain, duckfeet from Denmark, Blundstone from Australia, Jimmy Black of American fashion, gingerlily from Greece, Reef from the USA, Herschel from Canada, Art from Spain, Kangol from UK, and more… Till today, C.P.U. has opened over 100 stores covering more than 20 cities in China, to meet the fashion desire of different regions.

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28 November 2017 - 31 March 2019