L2 Luxury Men



Based on the concept of offering an alternative to the traditional fashion system, Moschino reveals a creativity that  is more  interested  in  transforming  what  exists  than being  tempted  by  the  ephemeral. That’s why Moschino  creates  its  own  fashion  trends  rather  than  follow  the  system. Its  creativity  is expressed  through  a  new  combination  of  stylistic elements that conveys  its vision  of  a  disenchanted future. That  vision  has  often  been  confused  with  irony  and  self-irony  only  because  it  is  not  self-referential.

With each collection, Moschino translates the joy of fashion and its lighthearted approach into an exciting story about the beauty of style expressed through clothes that represent the enthusiastic desire for elegance and beauty that women and also men never lose, even when faced with the problems of everyday life. That’s why even though it is an expression of contemporary fashion, Moschino stands apart from the chorus and sings solo to give its own personal rendition of the music of today.