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About Hongkong Land Limited, Its Project Company and Management Companies: 
WF CENTRAL is developed by Wangfu Central Real Estate Development Company Limited, and relevant professional management services are provided by Beijing Zhihuitong Asset Management Co., Ltd. and Hongkong Land (Beijing) Property Management Co., Ltd. under Hongkong Land.

Hongkong Land welcomes and attracts talented, highly-motivated people from a wide range of disciplines to develop their long-term career with the Company. They come to us for the opportunity to excel and develop themselves, as well as contributing to the success of the organisation and be part of the winning team - the leading premium property company in Asia.

Take a moment to read through this section of our site. We will help you understand our culture, the way we develop and recognise our people, our efforts to cultivate work life balance and our work to make an impact on the community.

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A People Focused Culture

A career at Hongkong Land is about more than just the work we do. We pride ourselves as a people-centric organisation and it’s about our commitment to people on both a professional and personal level.

We believe that our team of great people plays a key role in the success of our business. We share this success with all of our employees and treat them as a long term partner. Our people experience a rewarding life at Hongkong Land not only because of our compensation philosophy but also our enjoyable and dynamic environment.

  • Rewards and Recognition

    With a reputation as a prestigious employer, we offer competitive compensation in all the markets that we operate. Our reward philosophy emphasise on paying for performance and we differentiate individual performance and contribution to the company with annual variable bonus scheme. Different staff recognition programmes acknowledge outstanding performance and our employees’ contributions to the Company in delivering outstanding customer services, demonstrating excellent performance or innovations.

  • Making Difference

    We encourage our staff to make a difference in the community by participating in charity events or volunteer activities.

  • Work Life Balance

    We believe that balancing quality of life with quality of work helps develop healthy individuals and a healthy social atmosphere. In support of this ideal, we offer a wide selection of leisure and recreational activities for staff and their families.

Personal and Professional Development

At Hongkong Land we offer comprehensive training programmes and educational sponsorships that enable our staff to reach their full potential.  In addition to training to constantly enhance and update professional knowledge and skills, we offer curriculums for developing supervisory and management capabilities at different levels.  Sponsorships are also being offered to qualified staff for further education and professional development.

Current Openings

if you're ready to start an exciting career with a market leader, we encourage you to apply for one of the following openings: