Laoshe Memorial

Arts & Culture

Deep in Fengfu Hutong is Lao She’s former home in Beijing. Widely recognised as one of the most significant figures of Chinese literature, the Beijing native was best known for his novel Rickshaw Boy and the play Teahouse. It was here that Lao She received Premier Zhou Enlai, Qing’s last emperor Pu Yi, and writer Cao Yu. ‘Red Persimmon Courtyard’, as Lao She’s wife later named the siheyuan, was opened to the public as a museum dedicated to the writer in 1999. Now, the Lao She Memorial Hall displays his written works and calligraphy for those who are interested in old Beijing life.
Address: 19 Fengfu Hutong, Dengshikou Xijie, Dongcheng district
Tel: 010-6514 2612