Ever since Pauline Moynat set up her atelier in 1849, excellence in craftsmanship has been at the very heart of the House of Moynat.  Bags are made in France by a single artisan that oversees all parts of leather making. Hallowed traditions and century-old knowhow are preserved and revived in creations that bear the modernity that is the hallmark of Moynat.

The company currently operates stores in Paris, London, New York, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Seoul, Beijing and Taipei.


Since its renaissance in 2011, Moynat continues to combine modernity with age-old expertise. Seeking to carry on this tradition, creative director Ramesh Nair has cultivated at Moynat an aesthetic of serene elegance, a lightness of spirit and unexpected touches of humour.

Today, the brand has created many iconic handbags including Réjane, Pauline, Madeleine, Cabotin, Limousine and Mini Vanity.